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UCLA Downtown Media Relations Policies

  • Tenants of UCLA Downtown must coordinate all media presence inside and outside the building by submitting written requests to the Building Management Office (BMO), including date, time, and location of media coverage.
  • The BMO will inform all tenants of scheduled media presence.
  • Tenants may conduct their own press/interviews with approval from their respective departments/schools/administrative units. Coordination with the BMO is required to avoid interference with building operations.
  • Tenants arranging news media filming outside their designated suite must obtain a film permit waiver from UCLA Strategic Communications. This waiver will be filed with the BMO prior to filming.
  • News media may enter public areas of UCLA Downtown without prior authorization but are encouraged to contact the Building Management Office for assistance.
  • Access to interior areas not occupied by tenants is strictly prohibited without prior permission from the BMO.
  • Media personnel disrupting UCLA Downtown's operations may be asked to leave.