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UCLA’s announcement in June 2023 of the acquisition of the historic Trust Building in downtown Los Angeles represents a significant step for the university in expanding its presence within the city and strengthening its connection to the diverse communities it serves. Completed in 1928, this 11-story structure, located at 433 S. Spring Street, offers 320,000 square feet of rentable space, including ground-floor retail.

Originally known as the Title Insurance and Trust Building, this Art Deco landmark was designed by the architectural firm Parkinson & Parkinson. It received its name from its primary tenant, the Title Insurance and Trust Company, which was one of the earliest and most prominent title insurance companies in Southern California. Title Insurance occupied the building from its opening in 1928 until it relocated to the Miracle Mile area in 1977.

In addition to its role as the headquarters for Title Insurance and Trust Company, the Trust Building also played a noteworthy part in the history of the Los Angeles Central Library. After the Central Library suffered a disastrous fire in the 1980s, this historic structure served as a temporary home for the library while its main facility underwent restoration and expansion.

The university's acquisition of the Trust Building, now known as UCLA Downtown, reflects its commitment to broadening access to education and further engaging with the vibrant and varied communities in downtown Los Angeles. The building has been redesigned by a team that includes Gensler and Architectural Resources Group to update its appeal and make it attractive to modern tenants. UCLA Downtown aims to have a positive impact in the heart of the city and deepen engagement with the local community.